DiBO specialises in the design and manufacture of professional cleaning equipment and installations for a variety of applications, such as cleaning vehicles, floors and walls.


LMT is the official dealer of DiBO for the Netherlands, and delivers the full range of professional pressure washers and trailers with a working pressure up to 500 bar. For heavy industrial and complex applications we recommend Kamat pumps (pressure up to 3500 bar).

DiBO develops and manufactures the machines in-house and in close consultation with customers and suppliers. Through continuous research into the application of the latest technologies and ergonomic improvements, the machines are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, sustainable reliable and user friendly. This reflects the determination of DiBO to socially responsible entrepreneurship.

Strict quality standards
All machines meet the stringent quality standards of DiBO:

  • Modern: all machines use the latest technologies
  • Powerful: the best performance in all conditions
  • Sound: only the highest quality components are used during assembly
  • Ergonomic: thanks to the maneuverabilitymanoeuvrability of the DiBO machines you’ll work more conveniently


Popular DiBO cleaning installations


DiBO JMB-M 350/18 TG

Article Product number: 1130665
Working pressure (bar): 30-350 bar
Flow rate (l / h): 1080 l/h
Water temperature: 30 – 120 ° C
Power: 18.9 kW (diesel)
Dimensions: L x W x H: 3500 x 1750 x 1600 mm
Weight: 870 kg
Water tank: 500 l
Fuel capacity: 80 l
Heating power: 110 kW
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DiBO JMB-L 600/30 TG

Article Product number: 1.135.960
Working pressure (bar): 30-600
Flow rate (l / h): 2220
Max. water input temperature: 60 ° C
Water output temperature: 30 – 90 ° C
Power: 48 kW
Dimensions L x W x H: 4110 x 1700 x 1600 mm
Weight: 1450 kg
Water tank: 300 lL
Heating power: 2 x 90 kW

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